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Fundraising Programs

We offer a wide variety of programs to local charities and non-profits to assist in their fundraising activities. We help sell candy, buy promotional ads, sponsor youth sports teams and provide counter space for donation boxes, to name a few efforts.  

In addition to those efforts above, we also have a few additional programs specifically designed to assist charities and non-profits with fundraising.

Gift Card Fundraiser – Planet Perk Café can help you raise money through the sale of gift cards.  We will provide a charity or non-profit group with gift cards at a discounted rate and then they can sell them for full value.  The difference then goes to the charity.  It is an excellent program that not only helps you to raise money for your charity, but also helps us get the word out about Planet Perk Café.  Contact for details.

planet perk cafe $5 gift card
planet perk cafe gift card

Bulk Coffee Fundraiser – Planet Per Café sells Intelligentsia coffee in bulk.  In this program, we will create and print ordering forms for your group to handout to participating families .  Your group collects the order forms and the payments and returns them to us.  Now, Planet Perk Café charges the charity a pre-determined discounted rate for the coffee and the difference of the cost and sale price is given to the charity.  Your donors get great coffee, your charity raises money, and Planet Perk Café makes new friends – the ultimate WIN-WIN.  We can sell a variety of coffees in exact amount or to custom order sizes.  Contact for details.

3 intelligensia coffee bean bags
3 intelligensia coffee bean bags

Eat, Drink and Raise Funds! Program – Schools, churches, youth sports and other groups can raise funds by getting their supporters to dine in at Planet Perk Café.  Any charity can apply to have a specific day set aside for their group in which a percentage of the sales will go to their group.  It is very easy to set up.  Simply contact Planet Perk Café and we will reserve a day on the calendar for your group and supporters to visit they café.  A percentage of every purchase will then go to your charitable group.  Charity Sponsor Nights are typically Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays.  Contact for details.

female barista smiling at the camera
female barista smiling at the camera
female barista smiling at the camera

Gift Cards and Auction Items – Planet Perk Café also provides gift cards or gift baskets to charities having silent auctions.  The number and amount of dollars on each gift card, as well as the dollar value of a gift basket depends upon a variety of factors.  The most important being that we have sufficient time to create a donation package that is appropriate for the charity.

two spice racks labeled "planet perk" with 8 spices in them
gift box of coffee related items