Planet Perk Café offers a complete range of catering services both on and off site.  Our entire menu can be delivered in a variety of formats, or if given enough notice, we can prepare a menu especially for your needs.  

We can serve food buffet style, boxed lunches, or even provide personnel for table or espresso bar service.  Here is a sample list of the types of events we have catered…

  • Charity Event:  Full-Service coffee and beverage bar.  
  • Wedding Shower:  At Planet Perk Café after hours with full food and beverage service.  
  • Wedding Gift Opening:  At bride’s home the Sunday following the wedding.  Coffee, bakery items, fruit, and breakfast paninis were served.
  • Hair Salon Wedding Party:  Special event trays with custom individual fruit servings, bite-sized finger food, orange juice and more.
  • Graduation Party:  Full-service on-site catering to include soup, holding trays for grilled sandwiches, full espresso bar service.

Essentially, we keep an open mind and will work with you to provide the best event possible with the most innovative catering services.

Things to keep in mind…

  • Catering services require at least 72 hours notice and may require more depending upon event specifications
  • The minimum order for delivery is $75
  • Planet Perk Café will generally provide services to events with less than 50 people in attendance.  Special exceptions are made with sufficient notice.

All catering is handled by our Owner and Executive Chef.  Please call 920.235.9891 and ask for Ken and be ready to provide details about your event.