Booking Parties & Meetings in The Grind

There are multiple options for booking meetings and events at Planet Perk in The Grind.  

Planet Perk in The Grind

  • Reserving space in the cafe itself during regular business hours
  • Reserving space in the cafe after normal business hours

Booking the Cafe

  • Maximum seating capacity is 21 persons
  • Contact the Cafe Manager at 920-230-2880
  • Booking the entire space during normal business hours may not be an option and depends on a variety of factors. Our managers will work with you to determine if this is the best option for you.
  • Booking the entire cafe outside of normal business hours requires a minimum commitment of 10 guests in attendance.
  • Booking the cafe space does require a Grind Co-Workspace membership

The Grind Co-Workspace

The Bunker Conference Room

  • Room capacity is 6 persons
  • Room rate is $25 per hour

The War Room Conference Room

  • Room capacity is 8 to 10 persons
  • Room rate is $25 per hour

The Community Room

  • Maximum room capacity is 55 persons
  • Room rate is $50 per hour

Booking Rooms

  • Contact the Grind Co-op Workspace Community Manager at 920.410.2989 or visit their website at
  • Provide at least 24 hour notice with no catering and 1 week notice if catering is required.
  • Room rental fees can be rolled into catering costs.
  • Grind Co-Workspace Members and non-profits may be eligible for special rates.
  • Planet Perk In The Grind is the preferred caterer for the space and can provide many off-menu options for your event. However, if there are catering needs that go beyond our expertise, there is an augmented list of caterers that are welcome to serve your needs.